This page will be devoted to ideas and resources for lessons using IDIOMS.

Packed Like Sardines

The basket is quite small, yet there are three little kittens inside it that are packed like sardines. They don’t seem to mind however, as they can snuggle up together and keep warm. The basket is extremely crowded, isn’t it?You can find out more about the meaning of this interesting idiom by clicking on the fabulous Rolls off the Tongue blog.


Like Two Peas in a Pod
Fluffy’s brother is named “Mini Me” as he is so similar to Fluffy.  In fact they are like two peas in a pod!  Apart from the obvious different size of each cat, can you spot the one big difference?Yes, you’ve got it!

They have different coloured noses!  So apart from the colour of their noses, they are practically identical, aren’t they?
If you like, you can listen to an approximate recording of the above text done via Audioboo.


The cat’s whiskers

Idiom: You’re the cat’s whiskers! Meaning: You’re the best!


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