Read all about Fluffy in the Morning News!!


Fluffy is the star feature in Photofunia’s Morning News Daily today. 

How he managed to squeeze himself into this small tub defies belief!  Do Janet’s prized tulip bulbs have any reasonable chance of growing in the spring? 



Watch this space!!

Below you can see which other kittens have occupied this particularly popular tub recently.


3 thoughts on “Read all about Fluffy in the Morning News!!

  1. Patricia Fernandez

    He, he, he … I guess Fluffy is somehow related to my Mona when she was a kitten. She got to fit in an empty parfume box! I removed the bottle form its box -squared- and minutes later litttle Mona was in there!
    Fluffy and his friend RULE!

  2. janet Post author

    What a fun story about your Mona. Kittens can fit in the most unusual places, I agree!


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