Wood You Believe It? A Fluffy Jigsaw Puzzle!

Fluffy has taken to sunning herself in the wheelbarrow mixed with the wooden logs ready for the fire. The photo was taken yesterday.  She was so comfortable in it that she refused to move until tea time!



Below you can see a jigsaw of Fluffy in the wheelbarrow. She’s being rather LOG-istically challenged!! 

I have used Big Huge Labs Jigsaw Maker feature to achieve this special effect.  It takes seconds to create.  Simply upload a photo and press Create!  You can then save the image onto your computer.





2 thoughts on “Wood You Believe It? A Fluffy Jigsaw Puzzle!

  1. vickyloras

    Hi Janet and Fluffy!What a beautiful picture and how comfortable Fluffy looks….what a super cool tool Jigsaw Maker is! I will show it to my niece as well, who loves puzzles! Thanks Janet!Hugs,Vicky

  2. janetbianchini

    Hi VickyThank you so much for commenting on Fluffy’s wheelbarrow antics! She’s delighted you like the image. I hope your niece enjoys changing images into realistic-looking puzzles. HugsJanet & Fluffy


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