Hello from Fluffy’s new Site!

Word Mosaic CatWelcome to Fluffy’s new website!!  He is very happy to have made the move from Posterous, which is sadly shutting down on April 30th.  I am deeply grateful towards my husband Karl for helping me set up this new site for Fluffy.  I was able to download all the posts and images from Posterous very easily, but each post here has had to be re-edited to obtain a better image quality.

Fluffy will need to learn more about how WordPress works, so please bear with him as he experiments with this new site….


3 thoughts on “Hello from Fluffy’s new Site!

  1. Mirian G. de Bianchetti

    Janet, it’s wonderful! I love it so much. You’re so skillful! I would like to know just a little of how to do a blog like this. It’s no envy, it’s admiration. I feel honoured for your sharing.
    Best wishes,

  2. janet Post author

    Hi Graciela

    Thank you so much for your very kind comment. I am so happy you like this blog. In fact I transfered it from my Posterous blog so all the posts were already created on that site. The content was simply transfered to here, with a bit of help from my husband! You could easily set up a free WordPress or a Blogspot blog and they have so many designs and templates to choose from. It would be lovely if you were inspired to set up your own blog one day. Do give it a go :-)

    Best wishes



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