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A Fluffy Shape Collage


I’ve always wondered how such collages have been made and now I know how!!  You simply download Shape Collage, a free image collage making site, and hey presto, you can create fabulous collages in all different shapes within seconds!! The cat shape you can see at the top consists of lots of photos of Fluffy!!  I just chose the cat shape option below.


I found out about Shape Collage from Ozge Karaoglu‘s blog post called A Techie Valentine’s Day

You can learn how to create a Shape Collage by viewing the video below.

Two Fluffy Cartoon Sites


CarToon Maker – Little Mouse 

Young learners can have fun building their own cartoons from CarToon Maker – Little Mouse.  The cartoon you see above was created easily in moments. Will Fluffy actually catch this cheeky little mouse, I wonder?

My StoryMaker


My StoryMaker by Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh is another cartoon making site I came across today via Comics in My Classroom on  This site looks fun to use.  You can download a copy of your book from the library, and also print a copy of your book, and that is a nice feature.


For more ideas and links on Comics and Cartoons, please refer to my curation site on Comics and Cartoons.

Olympic Cats!

Fluffy is delighted to welcome two guests to his blog, who have created a picture and a poem as a special school project for the Olympics later this year.  Below you can view a delightful picture of a cat, drawn by my nine-year-old niece.


My niece Lidiana has made a short podcast below:

My young nephew chose to write a poem about his cat, called Nelly.  I think it’s lovely.



I am very proud of my niece and nephew.

Fluffy is thrilled to host their creations on his blog today.