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Read all about Fluffy in the Morning News!!


Fluffy is the star feature in Photofunia’s Morning News Daily today. 

How he managed to squeeze himself into this small tub defies belief!  Do Janet’s prized tulip bulbs have any reasonable chance of growing in the spring? 



Watch this space!!

Below you can see which other kittens have occupied this particularly popular tub recently.


Fluffy experiments with Mentimeter Poll!

Today I discovered Mentimeter, a great instant online poll site via Nik Peachey’s Learning Technology blog.

Fluffy has kindly agreed to try it out by creating an instant online opinion poll for his fans to respond to, if they wish. Please do vote :-)



You can vote for one of the four choices by going to this link:

Your selection should automatically show up on the embedded poll below, once you have refreshed this page.

Mentimeter looks like a cool tool to use with your f2f classes and also for presentations.


Up Close and Personal with Fluffy!


Fluffy’s latest play “A Close Encounter With Fluffy” is now showing at the Riverside Twin Theatre!!

This Movie Marquee app comes from, a site for creating nice badges and signs.  Once you have created your badge / sign, the image can be downloaded to your computer.  You can use the image to jazz up presentations / projects, and maybe even to create online badges of approval for homework / projects done well.



Above, Fluffy with his usual entourage of devoted fans…..

Speech bubbles added with


You are welcome to join his fan club, if you wish!  It is open to all species.


A Picfull Fluffy


Fluffy came across Picfull recently on Ozge Karaoglu’s fab post called A – Z Web Tools: P (Part 2).

Picfull is a great tool to edit your photos quickly and easily, and it’s free!

You can also view a lot more tools beginning with P in Ozge’s post A – Z Web Tools: P (Part 1).

Fluffy agreed to have his image edited again using Picfull‘s Posterizer feature this time round.  It looks cool, doesn’t it? 

Picfull was used for his Happy New Year message.

Do you know who this Picfull-edited person is?


Fluffy’s Speech Bubbles with SuperLame!


I have just come across the site SuperLame! and have given it a twirl using these images of Fluffy.

“It’s easy, fast, cool, and free. It lets you upload your photos and pictures, add comic style word balloons, then save them and use them for whatever you want.”

I found SuperLame! very easy to use and I like the fact you can save the image straight to your computer as a .jpeg.

I have added it to my Comics and Cartoons site.

After tweeting about this post today, Fluffy received a few comments from members of my PLN! Here’s her answer, created in seconds :-) )


Fluffy’s garden below. This is where he can truly enjoy himself catching lots of mice and other furry things…when he isn’t busy blogging, of course!